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Written by The performHR Team
on October 02, 2018

HunterNet Future Leaders LaunchperformHR are proud to announce that Jo Fink and Sarah Noonan will be representing the performHR team in the 2018 HunterNet Future Leader's Program.

The HunterNet Future Leader’s Program incorporates interactive sessions on a range of leadership topics, together with a project aimed at solving a current, regionally relevant issue in a multi-disciplinary team under the guidance of an experienced team mentor.

Participants will expand their leadership capabilities, make valuable connections in their business footprint and be challenged to make a difference for tomorrow’s Newcastle and Hunter Region.

The program launch brings all participants and company sponsors together to celebrate the commencement of this journey. Our special guest speaker joins us from the University of Newcastle Graduate School to celebrate the development of leaders in our region and the unique transformation of Newcastle.

We look forward to watching these ladies grow into their potential over the weeks, and sharing their newly acquired skillset with our wider team.

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