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Written by The performHR Team
on May 11, 2018

Explore, Innovate, Influence- performHRAre you a forward-thinking influencer or decision maker in your organisation? Are you ready to embrace technology and transform your people processes to become more agile, efficient and engaged?

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Introducing "Changing the way Recruitment & Onboarding is done"; The first in a new series of innovation workshops, exclusively for the Newcastle HR community.

These short, sharp, and punchy innovation workshops will explore the next frontier in HR technology, focusing on how traditional HR processes can evolve to be efficient and engaging. Showcasing new ideas, technologies, and processes not yet seen in the Hunter, the 2018 performHR "Changing the way ... is done" is a series of 3 events that scream innovation, coupled with practical applications for every organisation.

performHR are excited to showcase cutting-edge HR tech solutions to the Hunter Region - living up to our mission statement of “changing the way HR is done”.

“The innovation workshop series is performHR’s opportunity to showcase cutting-edge HR tech providers that we’ve come across to date. We are excited to share these solutions with like-minded influencers and decision makers, free of charge, as we transform how HR is done in our evolving region”, says performHR CEO, Lyndell Fogarty.

“It’s no secret that the business world is constantly evolving; and if we’re not changing, we’re falling behind.  The HR industry is no different, and performHR are determined to achieve their mission statement of ‘changing the way HR is done’. Embracing technology in HR means reduced errors, increased efficiencies, time and cost savings, managed compliance and virtual engagement with employees. HRIS reporting tools offer valuable insights to make proactive and sound business decisions.” says performHR HR Business Partner, Ellie Langford.

What you can expect:

  • Our first session features guest presenters from Sonru, who are revolutionising recruitment with automated video interviewing, and Enboarder, who are engaging onboarding experiences for today’s digital generation.
  • Unlock exclusive discounts and software demonstrations for your organisation.
  • Meet the performHR team and hear how we live up to our mission statement of ‘changing the way HR is done’
  • Chat with like-minded influencers who are driven to challenge the status quo and embrace change.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting event, please reserve your free ticket, below.

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