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Written by The performHR Team
on November 15, 2018

Is your HR deliveringA great HR partner should have the ability to deliver tailored solutions for a wide range of tactical and strategic HR needs. They should:

  • tailor their service and offerings to meet your needs
  • be onsite with your team for as much time as needed
  • deliver on the day to day
  • add value through efficiencies
  • handle high-risk scenarios
  • advise on options to meet your objectives
  • use the latest HR technology platforms and options
  • have conversations and add value at the executive level.

You may not want or need all of this; however, working with a provider that has demonstrated experience in delivering the full breadth of HR capability allows you to cherry pick for what’s important now and to flex and adjust as your business changes.

When choosing a HR partner, keep in mind that all HR is not created equal. To be effective, HR should be customised to your unique business strategy. Using a template, one-size-fits-all model can create unnecessary risk for the business. Our article on potential HR pitfalls has more information about the importance of finding a tailored solution.

Finally, when choosing a HR partner, check whether they include a termination clause in the contract. It’s not unusual for providers to lock businesses in for 1–5 years with no early termination clause. The best providers stand by their service by allowing you to exit at any time.

A good outsourced provider will ask the right questions to garner the information they need to provide effective HR that meets your needs. They will also be great sources of knowledge about how you can maximise HR to create innovation and change in your business. An experienced HR partner understands that relationships are critical. Becoming a trusted advisor to business leaders, managers and front line employees requires quality interactions, consistency in delivery and experience in building trust.

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