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Written by The performHR Team
on April 04, 2019

As a large, multi-site, multi-service provider of Aged and Community services based in Sydney’s south, our Client required immediate support for an internal HR team of 3 people (Director of People and Culture and HR Advisors).


The Pain Point

The existing external provider was not able to gain traction with strategic HR projects as too much time was being spent on ‘firefighting’ performance management and employment relations issues. The Client felt that the matters were not being seen through to a satisfactory conclusion; and there were major concerns around culture and clinical risks due to poor performance management and a lack of trust from the team.

The business was moving through a period of high change and transformation, driven by a decision to self-sanction, the changing Aged Care Standards, a new approach to clinical care, and a renewed rigour from the regulatory agencies in relation to audit and accreditation.

The Solution

performHR developed a strategic 12-month Roadmap in collaboration with the Client. The Roadmap focused on aligning People and Culture with the transformation that was occurring in the business. The key focus areas were:

  • Drive a safety culture that is underpinned by a strong WHS Framework
  • Growth of capability: moving from transactional performance appraisals to focus on growth
  • HR infrastructure: align People Processes to purpose and values
  • Employment Relations and Performance Management

A major pain point for the clinical and operational team, performance management and employment relations were identified as a separate service delivery from performHR. Alongside strategic projects, performHR provided a full-function ER case management team. After a review of current state, performHR project managed the introduction of:

  • A revised performance management and escalation process that considered capability-building of leadership a core function
  • ER case management that was delivered by an experienced ER/IR team with deep experience in the sector and a broad skillset. The depth of skill meant that the performHR client team was able to deliver full service including coaching conversations, disciplinary action, grievance handling, formal mediation, terminations and redundancies, and representation. The decision to escalate (or not escalate) was not left to the discretion of managers (Registered Nurses, Care Managers in some cases) - the expertise of the ER Client Team ensured that each case was dealt with appropriately and in the service of the organisation and team.
  • Full transparency and reporting of the ER function. This oversight enabled performHR to identify trends and risks in case management. Collaboration with the clinical and operations team, and the L&D / educators resulted in meaningful and targeted training and development to ensure continuous improvement in capability.
  • A combination of phone, email and onsite support provides organisation-wide support and coverage. 


performHR received specific mention from Assessors from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission for the turnaround in HR related outcomes for the Client. We were grateful to have been praised for the clarity and transparency of our processes, and the innovative way we had approached performance appraisal.

performHR received specific mention from Assessors from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission for the turnaround in HR related outcomes for the Client.

Whats next?

performHR continues to partner with this Client under the same engagement. The close, effective relationship with the internal HR team has resulted in smooth knowledge transfer, transparent and proactive communication and collaborative planning.


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