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Written by The performHR Team
on April 16, 2019

Viv Allanson, CEO of Maroba, chats with performHR about how strong people management has helped grow the business, and how expert help can help you see the unexpected.  

 Question 1: How does HR done well impact you as a leader?

When HR is done well, it gives me confidence across the whole 'people-scape' of the business. The impact it can have is tremendous – if your people are treated fairly and overtly cared for it creates and feeds a positive cultures, which helps your business achieve great things.


Question 2:  In your experience, what has been the most unexpected positive consequence of great HR on your organisation?

When HR processes are streamlined and simplified, it brings noticeable order and helps leaders in the business to excel in their roles. It can also help set the compass for future workforce strategy.


Question 3: As a leader, what is most valuable support from your HR Advisor?

Having an HR advisor is incredibly valuable – they advise on matters that are outside my expertise and have the potential to go south. 

Sometimes, when you’re involved day-to-day, you can be too close to a situation, and my HR advisor will offer a different perspective.


Question 4: What is the most important people priority in the next 5 years to achieve your strategic outcomes?

The most important priority for our business is workforce development – how we redesign our people function, and develop leaders across all levels and specialities within the organisation. HR has to lead that. 

More on Viv Allanson

Viv AllansonViv Allanson is a CEO who never accepts the status Quo, in fact  she has just been announced as the Australian – Game Changer of the Year in her role as CEO of Maroba. In that role, Maroba has continued to be on the front foot  and is frequently recognised for its innovation within the Aged Care sector.

Viv is a leader who strives to bring others on the journey of growth and change always sharing generously her time and experience to support all who aspire to be a “Difference Maker”.

The Registered Nurse in Viv never lays down and is always advocating for the profession and its advancement as an integral part of the Health Care team.



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